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The Underground Mining Partner of Choice offering best-in-class solutions for building and operating the world's most challenging underground mining projects.

In partnership with Nuqsana, we offer Mining & Construction Services. Proncon's Mining and Construction services deliver safely executed mining projects worldwide. We are commited to being the underground mining partner, contractor, and employer of choice.

We offer:

Superior Mine Development Expertise

  • Mine Development and Operation - Procon's mine development and operation capabilities include proficiency in site establishment, underground infrastructure, and ramp and lateral development in challenging locations.
  • Remote Mobilizations — Since 1992, Procon has developed in-house mine development and production systems to rapidly and cost-effectively mobilize people, materials and equipment to logistically challenging locations. Seasoned in barge, helicopter, winter-road, or light aircraft mobilizations, we are adept in dealing with the unique challenges these environments present.
  • Site Establishment Know-How — A good site set-up requires careful planning and execution. Procon has built a loyal and dedicated mine development team experienced in efficiently setting up site infrastructure for both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our integrated supply chain and long-term supplier relationships help us meet tight project timelines and quickly establish access to the orebody.
  • Underground Mine Infrastructure — A successful underground project requires well thought-out and robust infrastructure. Procon is experienced in designing, supplying, and installing the necessary infrastructure for these environments, including primary and secondary ventilation, heating, process water, dewatering systems, mine power and other mine services.
  • Ramp and Lateral Development — Procon is a leader in hard-rock lateral drill and blast development. We optimize development fleet combinations to improve productivity, reduce costs and save time. We are experienced in a range of ground support options, from split sets to swellex bolts, cable bolts, and mesh to dry/wet shotcrete application. We work collaboratively with our clients to optimize the ground support regime.

Solid Mine Production

  • Mine Production and Management - Procon's Mine Production and Management experience, across an array of mining methods, ensures that we meet or exceed our client's production schedules.
  • Versatility in Mining Methods — Procon is experienced in mine production requirements for a range of bulk and narrow-vein methods, including Cut-and-Fill, Avoca and Transverse Stoping, Caving, Shrinkage, and Room and Pillar. Our teams are also experienced in the installation and operation of backfill systems, including Loose Fill, CRF, and Paste Fill.
  • Strong Drill and Blast Capacity — Procon's state-of-the-art production drill fleet and skilled operators ensure efficient and accurate mine production drilling for small and large blast hole diameters. We pair this with the use of bulk emulsion and ANFO systems to optimize blast fragmentation and the use of perimeter control to minimize overbreak. We also carry a range of ITH drills for larger diameter slot raise and box hole drilling purposes.
  • Efficient Material Movement — Procon leverages equipment economies of scale to drive down mine production costs for our clients in bulk tonnage environments. In smaller, narrow vein operations, we have a track record of being agile and nimble regarding the equipment selection and mining methods employed to deliver a safe, cost-effective and reliable service. We also embrace automation to deliver lower unit costs for our clients.

Dependable Vertical Development

  • Vertical Mining Development — Procon is accomplished at vertical development, providing expert labour and equipment for various vertical methods from Alimak to longhole drop raising.
  • Versatility in Raising Methods — Procon has multiple stand-alne Alimak mining projects where we supply labour and equipment. Our experienced team can drive vertical raises upwards of 500m using pneumatic or diesel climbers. We also have considerable experience in conventional raising, drop raising, and bin excavation.
  • Slot Raises — Procon utilizes a fleet of mechanized drill rigs to safely drill slots and raises (Conventional Pulling, Down Reaming or Blind Boring) up to 760mm in diameter.
  • Ladderway Installation — Procon has the systems and capacity to fabricate, supply, and install ladder/escape-way infrastructure to mine regulation specifications.

Reliable Shaft Sinking

  • Shaft Sinking, Equipping and Maintenance — Procon's expertise in shaft sinking spans more than twenty-plus years in both the hard and soft rock mining industries.
  • Sinking, Lining and Equipping — Procon is skilled at excavating and lining circular concrete shafts or conventional timbered shafts. Offerings include hoist rooms, skip dump arrangements, shaft collaring, galloways, concrete lining, installation of steel sets and guides, and installation of services.
  • Shaft Maintenance — Procon provides shaft maintenance services, including shaft steel replacement, hoist maintenance, sheave replacement, rope changes, liner rehabilitation (concrete work and Geofoam) and permanent dewatering pumping systems.

Optimizing Your Operations

  • Mine Design & Optimization — Our mine design and planning capabilities help our clients with underground mine design, equipment selection and optimized schedules. We also offer estimating services to give our customers confidence in project costs.
  • Mine Sizing & Equipment — Procon can assist clients with mine entry sizing and equipment selection early in the planning process to set up operations for cost-efficient production. This evaluation step ensure that mines do not become material-movement constrained, which lowers the potential for future production bottlenecks.
  • Short to Medium-Term Scheduling — Procon is experienced in managing the short to medium term development and production schedules for our projects to ensure efficient day-to-day operations. Our team works with the client to improve scheduling accuracy based on true contractor productivities.
  • Mine Productivity Improvement — Procon works with clients to identify areas for productivity improvements in their operations and help them implement these changes. Our focus areas include increasing development rates, longhole drilling rates, and loan and haul productivities.
  • Mine Cost Estimates — Procon's estimating team works with clients to deliver accurate mine scheduling, as well as capital and operating costs inputs for economic studies based on our productivity benchmarking data.

Channelling our Tunneling Expertise

  • Tunnelling and Mass Excavation — Procon's tunneling capabilities are expansive, focusing on site establishment, drill and blast tunnelling, mass excavation as well as soft rock drift cutting.
  • Site Establishment — Procon is an expert at establishing tunnel construction projects in logistically and environmentally sensitive areas that are often close to protected environments and natural watercourses. We know how to design, build and operate from compact site setups to minimize the surface disturbance in these areas.
  • Drill and Blast Tunnelling — Procon has completed over 8,000m of drill and blast civil tunneling construction. Tunnel sides range from 3.0mW by 3.0 mH to 9.6mW by 9.8 mH.
  • Mass Excavation — Procon is adept in bulk excavation techniques for underground ore handling and conveyance systems, including mass excavation of crushing chambers, conveyor accesses, powerhouses, and civil infrastructure.
  • Soft Rock Drift Cutting — Procon has successfully carried out AM50 Alpine Miner and Drum Miner drift cutting in the underground potash industry for over 20 years.

Specialized Underground Construction

  • Underground Mining Construction — Procon's Underground Mining Construction capabilities in hard rock and potash environments are tailored to meet our clients' site-specific requirements.
  • Hard Rock Construction — Procon;s underground hard rock construction capabilities include maintenance shops, crushers, bin installations, conveyor installation, underground batch plants, paste pumping and distribution systems, permanent refuge stations, permanent dewatering systems, and MCC rooms and electrical distribution.
  • Potash Construction — Procon's potash underground construction capabilities include areas such as underground excavation, drift/panel development, permanent ground control, ground rehabilitation, conveyor installation, underground maintenance shops, bin installation, and permanent dewatering pumps and systems.

Immense Equipment Capacity

  • Mining Equipment Maintenance — Procon's Equipment services include heavy-duty mechanical maintenance, electrical support, custom welding fabrication, and spare part supplies for a broad range of equipment makes and models.
  • Heavy Duty Mechanical — As Procon's largest department, our heavy-duty mechanics troubleshoot and repair our vast equipment fleet. Our mechanics have extensive knowledge of underground gear and utilize the latest exhaust gas testing and modern engine diagnostic equipment technologies. Our technicians are well-versed in the complex hydraulic systems often found in underground equipment.
  • Electrical Support — Employing experienced underground electricians gives us the ability to rapidly diagnose electrical and sensor issues on a wide range of mining equipment for our sites and new contract start-ups. Our stand-alone electrical shop builds and configures various panels, VFDs, substations, and mobile equipment dash panels and wiring harnesses.
  • Welding, Machining and Fabrication — Procon's welding department routinely fabricates and repairs a wide range of items for our project teams, including aerial work platforms, buckets, lifting beams and custom lift devices, ventilation stands, structural elements for conveyor lines or pipelines, shaft equipment, and mobile equipment repairing (including mid-ship and bucket align-boring).
  • Spare Parts and Warehousing — Helping Procon's ongoing effort to reduce downtime and maximize availability, we stock thousands of machine spare parts for many makes and models to support our equipment on our projects.

External Services / Frame Up Rebuilds and Repairs

  • Mining Equipment Fabrication, Repair and Rebuild Services — Our mining equipment services include engineering solutions, equipment overhauls, spare parts supplies, and high quality design and fabrication.
  • Overhaul and Rebuild Services — Let Procon assist you with your regular fleet maintenance, mining machine modification and large overhauls. While we specialize in underground vehicles, we service all types of heavy mobile equipment and construction machinery. This team does it all, including hydraulic diagnostics and repair, pins & bushings, line boring, engine overhauls and complete repower packages.
  • Welding, Machining and Fabrication — Procon produces high-quality steel fabricated and machined components of many types. We offer start-to-finish custom welding and fabrication services, including blast and painting for general structural fabrication and special-use and critical safety devices. These include aerial work platforms, ROPS frames, FOPS canopies, Crane/Derrick books, crane underhook devices, tanks and much more.
  • Engineering and Documentation — Underground mining is full of unique challenges. To complete our projects safely, Procon is always designing new equipment attachments, special-purpose vehicles, lifting and safety devices, and more. Using the latest 3D modelling and engineering simulation software, we can take your project from a sketch to completion with fabrication drawings, parts books, service and operating manuals.
  • Spare Part Sales — Procon stocks thousands of machine spare parts as part of our mining machine rebuild and repair services for many makes and models, including Atlas Copco, Boart Longyear, Caterpillar, Sandvik, Normet, Cummins and Deutz.

Please peruse our online portfolio for a sampling of our current and completed projects.

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