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NCS Fluid Systems

A Nuqsana Partner

Nunavut Pumps and Systems Inc. is a first people's owned business owned by Nuqsana and NCS Fluid Handling Systems, these businesses are excited for the new opportunities that present the team in the Nunavut first people's territory and beyond. The team at Nunavut Pumps and Systems Inc. are based out of Nunavut, with a Head office in Rankin Inlet. Under the guidance of Nunavut Pumps and Supply employees Dustin Henderson and Clint Johnstone the Nunavut Pumps and Systems Inc. team endeavours to provide local skilled training and employment opportunities to local indigenous people, while incorporating the high level of customer care, equipment and service that is the foundation of the NCS Fluid Handling Systems businesses everywhere.

With a number of projects under their belt ranging from HDPE pipe installation, Water treatment / Water filtration and water transfer pumping systems the team is working on a number of future opportunities in all service areas that Nunavut Pumps and Supply offer in the area such as reverse Osmosis systems, water treatment, river bypasses, dewatering (both deep well and well-pointing), long distance HDPE mine water transfer lines and an array of professionally engineered water management solutions.

Construction services don't stop for the seasons so why would Nunavut Pumps and Systems, our local team of engineers and trained water management technicians supply projects and sites year-round dewatering or Well-pointing services as well as water treatment systems, water transfer systems and new pump supply and repairs of existing water pumping systems, year-round! Customers in the region have the added comfort knowing that these projects are supported by the NCS fluid Handling Systems team of experts that are used to working year-round in the Canadian climates.

Call us today at 780-903-6206, 780-721-7941 or 1-888-618-7867 it will be our pleasure to serve your water pumping project with professionally engineered fluid solutions.

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