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Marcel Baril

A Nuqsana Partner

Marcel Baril Ltd. Is a family company that has specialized in distribution since 1955 and developed close ties with various industries over the years, especially in mining and municipal operations. With a catalogue of over 30,000 products with nearly 18,0000 kept in inventory in various branches.

Specializing in major mining projects, the Marcel Baril Ltd. Sales team also has advanced expertise in exporting its wide range of industrial projects. The company exports mainly, but not exclusively to Africa and South America. Our team of specialists has advanced knowledge in each field of activities covered by the company, and is supported by equally skilled generalists that are ready to serve you.

The various markets covered also include many public institutions such as municipalities, the Ministry of Transport, hospitals, schools, Hydro-Quebec as well as several other major institutions.

From the very beginning, Marcel Baril Ltd. Has partnered in the economic development of northern Canada by forging close ties with aboriginal communities, such as this partnership with Nuqsana.

The company's vast knowledge has continued to grow over the years: hardware, plumbing, heating, ventilation, electricity, construction and industrial material, HDPE, sewer and water infrastructure are part of the daily life of an experienced team.

Marcel Baril Ltd. has several branches throughout Quebec and Ontario, and is well-positioned to reach and serve its customers. A large fleet of trucks provides distribution and regular delivery to customers worldwide.

Our company is supported by an integrated information management system for the entire network that constantly monitors all products distributed in one or another of its points of service in real time. In additional to our exceptional track record, our cutting edge technology computer system is an amazing tool for the supply system, providing efficient distribution management.

Marcil Baril Ltd. also has a high performance online catalogue allowing it to make distance purchases, profiting from precise inventory tracking, accessing daily adjusted prices, checking invoices, purchasing history, account statements, etc.

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