Nunavut's Partner for Business

Dexterra Group

A Nuqsana Partner

Dexterra Group has been serving Canadian clients for over 75 years. The companies that began independently and now form Dexterra Group have an outstanding record of supporting the infrastructure and built assets that play a vital role in our society. We bring the right teams with the right skills together — offering both experience and regional expertise so companies can operate their day to day, confidently and successfully.

Dexterra Group, in partnership with Nuqsana, offers services in:

Facilities Management & Operations:

  • Space & Infrastructure Solutions
  • People and Organization Solutions
  • On-Demand Services
  • Integrated Facilities Management
  • Hospitality Services
Workforce Accommodations:
  • Open Lodges
  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Construction Installation and Logistics
  • Catering and Operations
  • Structure Supply including Emergency Response Structures and Fire Camps, Accommodation Rentals, Accommodation Sales and Ancillary Infrastructure
Modular Solutions

Forestry Services:

  • Tree Planting
  • Fire Support
  • Vegetation Management
Energy Services:
  • Relocatable Structures
  • Access Matting
  • Soil Stabilization & Management

We are proud to serve the Aviation industry, Defence & Security sector, Energy & Resources sectors, Healthcare and Well-Being sectors, Education sectors, Retail sector, Government, Business & Industry, Emergency Response organizations and Social Housing.

On behalf of Dexterra Group, we welcome you to peruse our Servicing the Future brochure, and to please check our website for any brochures that may be applicable to your organization as new content is added frequently.

We believe in the importance of supporting the interests of Indigenous peoples. By involving Indigenous communities in business partnerships, offering youth training and education programs, and employing and developing Indigenous people, we work collaboratively to achieve mutual goals, including economic and community benefits.

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