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About Nuqsana

Gateway to Arctic Circle

Nuqsana Inc. ("Nuqsana") is a 100% Nunavut owned company based in Rankin Inlet. We work with partners throughout the territory and local residents for training and employment opportunities.

The Nuqsana Advantage

  • 100% Inuit controlled Corporation.
  • Historical ties with the land and the people.
  • Experience in recruiting, training and retaining Inuit employees.

Owner and President of Nuqsana, Harry Towtongie of Rankin Inlet is well known throughout the region. As a father and grandfather, he has strong family values. Harry has been a business owner and Inuit leader for decades. He is well known for his honesty and professional business dealings. Additionally he is well known for his successful training, employing and retention of Inuit workers. Most of Harry's employees have been with him for years. Harry's philosophy of "Inuit First" is the founding principle of Nuqsana.


Harry believes that when you choose the right person, train and prepare them properly, and give them a safe and rewarding workplace, you will have a dedicated employee for many years. This belief led to the development of the program "Ready For Work". Nuqsana offers this 1 and 2 week program to all new employees.

The program provides training to address the following areas:

  • Family Commitments
  • Workplace Stress
  • Living in a cash economy
  • Applying IQ values.

Nuqsana has found that this simple yet effective program benefits employees and employers alike. It has played a key role in leading to contented, dedicated workers that are committed to their employer.

Nuqsana Inc.