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Eco Waste Solutions

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Eco Waste Solutions is one of the world's leading suppliers of modular thermal treatment and waste-to-energy technology. Their proven waste management systems are used by communities, military organizations and natural resource companies globally. With more than 80 installations in 18 countries, EWS has been recognized as a leader in small- and mid-sized waste-to-energy solutions worldwide.

The EWS unique dual chamber process, combined with their stepped-hearth technology, means that we can deliver a range of proven, bankable solutions for communities, industry and the military.


EWS Start

The genesis of Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) wasn't a garage, a 'business incubator', or a barn. It came from the most likely of sources: the fire and molten metal of Canada's Steeltown: Hamilton, Ontario. With expertise in combustion process and metallurgy, the two founders of Eco Waste Solutions set out to address the global need for better, more environmentally-responsible waste solutions.

In the past crude systems for burning waste were prevalent and accepted. In response, Eco Waste Solutions developed an innovative new process to thermally treat waste while meeting stringent environmental regulations and waste-reduction targets. The company was awarded a patent for the unique Eco Waste process that thermally treated waste while avoiding the production of dioxins and furans.

Commercial success was almost immediate with a sale to the Canadian Department of National Defense for a remote Arctic base. This was quickly followed by projects for a community in Alaska and medical waste treatment in the Caribbean. Since then, EWS has won multi-million dollar contracts with organizations such as Barrick, DeBeers, Vale, NATO, the Canadian Department of Defense and the US Air Force.


R&D is at the heart of what EWS does

EWS was among the first to include Programmable Logic Control to small incinerators — providing real-time process optimization, yielding cleaner emissions.  Over a period of 10 years, EWS invested heavily in research and development, including extensive third-party emissions testing and independent verification of performance.

EWS continued to innovate their unique, modular systems into mobile, containerized incinerators that could be easily deployed to the point-of-need.  These systems were developed for military use and later gained a strong following with the mining industry who needed a clean solution that was easy to transport to remote locations.  EWS led the world with the first containerized mobile air pollution control system that met EU emission standards.

Recognizing the need to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels and develop new sources of renewable energy, EWS has since focused on ways to convert waste into energy.  Large energy from waste systems have been around for decades but few small scale technologies exist.  EWS has emerged as a leader in this space by creating innovative, practical, proven solutions to recover energy.


EWS Today

EWS has never lost sight of the R&D and commitment to continuous improvement that got them to where they are today. Every year, EWS invests in R&D and proactive improvements that seek to address our clients' needs — both today and in the future.

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